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CNj re-launches 2014
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CNj™ Announcement:
posted March 3, 2014

After years of coverage of the Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District
( HISID ) from 2004 - 2013, the decision was made to leave the entire website intact with all information and reports from CNj™ on this domain web site as archives.

This process allows our readers access to items and PDFs, which might be of continued interest with respect to continued functional bookmarks.

The past Information contained in CNj's reports and posted documents possibly contain information useful to others who are making new choices in their lives; while considering relocation to Holiday Island, Ark.

CNj™ re-launched and began coverage of HISID with the newly elected board of commissioners at the end of 2013.

Rebecca L. Sherman, editor
Creedside News Journal™



Note: posted 6.24.2014

Last Call article from CNj net was discovered. This is an Oct. 2013 spot-check response with up-dates to this August 2013 article.

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Arkansas State
Open Meeting Laws
and FOIA Roadshow
held September 27, 2013

Filing an Open Meeting Law - FOIA Violation

Arkansas Freedom of Information Handbook

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